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Welcome to Sissi, First in Crete's holiday resorts

Surf and Beach with words in sand - A Favourite Cretan Holiday Destination,
now Resort of Choice for Longer Stays is a comprehensive guide to the hospitable seaside resort of Sissi, also spelt as "Sisi", located in Mirabello (also written as Merembelou or Mirambelou) Lasithi (Lassithi) Crete.

As a travel destination web site, will be helpful if:

* You wish to experience a memorable holiday or vacation in Sissi
* You like Sissi so much from repeat visits you intend to stay longer and live in Sissi
* You envision working or be a Sissi expatriate
* You wish to Buy a Sissi property or hotel in Sissi,
* You plan to Retire in Sissi, or
* You just would like a satisfying vacation break, unwind and to be able to choose from a wide choice in holiday accommodations

For all of the above, our site can guide you with advice and useful and comprehensive links., is part of the Brits in Crete branded network of websites

This website is under new ownership and has become part of the Brits in Crete network of websites. is currently being re-developed. The website will focus on Sissi and the Eastern part of Crete. It is to provide a useful link to visit and live, not only on the island of Crete but also the other areas of Greece. This new site will be up and running soon.

Below are other websites connected to Brits in Crete expatriate network. You may like to check them out. Even if you are not from the UK or Ireland, you will find the information useful as well, no matter your nationality., the main web portal is about the reality of living in Crete and Greece. A comprehensive guide for everyday life, from how to get a job, dealing with the Greek bureaucracy to necessities such as shopping and insurances, to driving in Crete with useful contact information to government offices and their addresses, plus web links and much more......

BritsinCrete, lively discussion in the Brits in Crete Forum

The BritsinCrete Forum has a membership of over 1800+ (it is free to join). The forum is approximately 5 years old so there are many experienced participants who can claim to have "been there and done that". The forum is a great place to find "how to learn the local ways of getting things done" in other words, the reality of living in Crete and Greece. Find out what members have recently written in the forum about Sissi.

BritsinCrete, the Blog

The Living in Crete | Brits in Crete Blog is an eclectic mix of spouting off by the webmaster of Brits in Crete. None the less, there are useful tidbits of information to be gleaned on life and living in Crete, Greece and a glimpse into a Mediterranean lifestyle.

So far, Greece has not reached the stage of intensive development of expatriate communities such as in Spain. As a result, as foreigners we are able to blend in with our Greek hosts. Sissi has the charm still of the traditions of many centuries, yet embraces side by side today's modern ideas, concepts and sophistication. Sissi and Mirabello is welcoming to all, whether on short or long stays, no matter the age group. Xerete! (welcome).

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